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Your Home: Repairs and Maintenance

  • 92% of all repairs are done right first time - this is right on target for us.
  • 94% of customers have told us that they are satisfied with our repairs and maintenance service.
  • £532 average cost of responsive repairs per home.

Our scrutiny panel of tenants said that we needed to reduce our costs while maintaining customer satisfaction. We listened and our latest information has revealed that both overall and average repairs costs have reduced compared to previous years while satisfaction rates continue to improve.

Emergency repairs:
Our target was to complete 99% of emergency repairs within eight hours.
We performed at 96% which was a drop from 99% last year. Our repairs and maintenance team, Propertycare, have been working to improve efficiency and customer experience.

We did...

  • Offer appointments for a wider variety of repairs faster by using an appointment system for more trades.
  • Make our appointments more convenient for customers;
  • Made sure we had less wasted visits by improving communication, including text messages;
  • Making sure our teams are trained in a variety of skills to be able to complete more repairs right first time to reduce inconvenience to the customer and wasted time.

The best performing housing associations complete 100% of emergency repairs on time. The best performing housing associations get 96% of repairs right first time.

We set out to achieve 93% satisfaction with our repairs and maintenance service - we beat this and came in at 94%. The best performing housing associations have 95.5% satisfaction.