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Our history

Helena was created in July 2002, when around 14,400 St Helens Council homes transferred over to this new charitable company.

Our original name was Helena Housing and we made some big promises to tenants whose homes were now in our hands. We took over the housing stock following a vote by tenants and promised to deliver quality homes, services and communities, pledging to invest £270 million in improving homes by 2009.

Helena's commitment and delivery of our promises earned us an excellent reputation, not just with our tenants, but with the wider St Helens community and business partners.

In 2008, Helena's offer had evolved well beyond just providing housing. Now, we were leaders in delivering effective neighbourhood management, plus additional support services, and becoming a partner of choice in the wider housing and business world. So, Helena Partnerships was born, along with a number of sub-brands - Living and Propertycare - to represent the various dedicated arms of our business.

Today Helena is still delivering its core service of 'bricks and mortar' homes, but it's just one element of what we do. We create thriving communities; we provide support services; we help people to build a positive future.

Alternatively find out more about our corporate plan at A Place For Everyone.