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Social return on investment

Helena has initiated a cutting edge approach to measuring the return from community investment; Business Return On Investment (BROI).

Convinced that there are mutual benefits to both the company and customers from wisely invested community resources, Helena recently approached the Housing Association’s Charitable Trust (HACT) to discuss developing an in-depth research project.

The aim is to show scientifically, using huge data sets, a real link between cause, community investment and their effect on the company’s services, performance and costs.  If this is proven it will open the way for more informed investment decisions, provide assurance about what investments bring a return and will influence the shape of community investment for years to come.

HACT, along with other like-minded RSLs, are now taking the project to the scoping stage and have recruited Daniel Fujiwara to work alongside their in-house research team.

To read the Torus Social Accounts or Helena Social Accounts for 2015/16 click on the downloads below.

Alternatively, to find out more about HACT, visit


Torus Social Accounts 2016/17
Helena Partnerships Social Accounts 2016/17