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About us

Established in 2002, when we took over around 14,400 homes from St Helens Council, Helena Partnerships is committed to the welfare and well-being of the people living in our homes and communities.

We put our residents at the heart of everything we do and work hard to improve the services we offer and the support we deliver. This means we don’t just offer people a home, we can also offer a helping hand. We can help you find a job, manage your money or live independently.

We’re not just here to build and manage homes, we want to regenerate communities, create opportunities and improve peoples’ lives. 

Making a difference

• We offer a variety of social and affordable housing options throughout St Helens and surrounding areas
• We regenerate communities and create neighbourhoods you can be proud to live in
• We support our residents through a range of innovative services and initiatives
• We provide advice on money management, education and training and getting into work

Our impact

We’re working hard to continually improve the services and support we offer you. The key facts and figures below will give you an idea of the impact we’ve had on our region and the people who live there.

• Over 10 years we’ve invested £490 million in St Helens
• We are investing £150 million into our existing homes
• We’ve helped support 1,500 local people into jobs and training
• We’ve built over 300 new homes and plan to build 500 more in the next three years

What you think

• 90% are satisfied with our overall service (last 12 months)
• 90% are satisfied with our repairs and maintenance services
• 91% of repairs are completed first time
• 87% of staff are proud to work for us
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