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Our house, your home

At Helena, we’re proud of the homes we provide and the communities we’re part of.

That’s why our relationship with you is about more than just bricks and mortar. We want you to make our house your home. A home you can be proud of, in a place you can be happy, with peace of mind on the length of your tenancy which we will agree with you at the outset. Here’s how it works…

A few house rules

We promise and deliver on certain things and you do too. In return for a home and a generous package of services and support, there are a few things we expect you to agree to concerning your money, your home and your neighbourhood. This provides a brief overview of some important issues to help you. You should however always refer to the wording of your tenancy agreement to see the actual responsibilities and obligations that apply to you and to us.

Your money

Rent and other bills make running a home a big commitment. But they’re your responsibility. When we promise to provide a home, you promise to pay for it – if you don’t pay your rent you risk losing your home.

Your promise

Providing you with a home is our priority but paying for it must be yours, so:

  • You must pay your rent and charges
  • Let us know if you’re struggling to pay or get into debt. We want to help but if you don’t pay, you could lose your home
  • If we ask you to take part in training or support activities, we expect you to engage with us
  • If your circumstances or benefits change, let us know immediately

Our promise

We want to help you keep on track and manage your money properly, so:

  • Our rent is competitively priced but we’ll check you can afford it before we give you the keys
  • We’ll put you in touch with services that can help you manage your money
  • If we change your rent or charges, we’ll always let you know promptly

Your home

A well cared for home benefits everyone. That’s why we offer our customers a great deal more than just a house. You’ll get some great services and support including new bathrooms, kitchens and boilers when they need replacing. If you’ve got a problem, get online and well get on to it fast.

Your promise

It might be our house but it’s your home, so we expect you to treat it with respect. This means:

  • Keeping to the responsibilities in your tenancy agreement
  • Letting us in to carry out essential repairs and servicing
  • Getting online to report a problem
  • Being responsible for  certain minor repairs and maintenance as set out in your tenancy agreement
  • Being responsible for meeting the cost of repairing deliberate damage caused to the property by you, your household or your visitors
  • Keeping your garden and internal decorations well maintained

Our promise

If things go wrong, we’ll always do our best to put them right. To help maintain your home, we’ll provide:

  • Fast access to advice and a professional repairs network, online or on the phone
  • Annual gas checks and servicing – a legal responsibility to keep your home safe
  • Easy to find online services, backed by telephone or face-to-face support when needed

A service to deal with the repair and maintenance issues which we are responsible for under your tenancy agreement

Your neighbourhood

We work hard in our communities to create places you can be proud to be part of. Somewhere you’ll feel safe and at home.

Your promise

  • Choose a property in an area that suits you
  • Tidy your own garden and shared spaces
  • Try to get on with and be respectful of your neighbours, keep noise to a minimum, be considerate about where you park your car and keep your pets under control
  • Make sure children and visitors to your home don’t cause problems for your neighbours
  • Tell us when you want to leave, give us at least 4 weeks notice and help us understand why you want to go

Our promise

We have lots of homes, in lots of places, but they all have one thing in common – the peace of mind that:

  • We can help you find a home that meets our standards, in a place that’s right for you
  • Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Our communal areas are well cared for and maintained
  • We value and respond to your opinions
  • When you move on, we listen and try to help

Renting one of our homes is a big responsibility. When you sign your tenancy agreement you make a legal commitment to pay your rent, look after your home and not cause a problem for your neighbours. If you break this commitment, we may take legal action against you and you may lose your home.


Your Responsibility

Your own household appliances and any fixtures and fittings that belong to you are your responsibility. If you damage them, or if they break, it’s up to you to fix or replace them. You are also responsible for certain minor repairs and maintenance and for taking good care of your home on a day-to-day basis. Your tenancy agreement contains further details relating to which items of repair and maintenance we are responsible for.

If you call us out to fix damage that is your fault, or to address a repair or maintenance for which youare responsible, we will charge you an initial call out charge of £30. Depending on the circumstances other charges may be incurred.

Our Responsibility

Your tenancy agreement sets out the repairs and maintenance for which we are responsible. Where we provide and or/fit appliances (for example washing machines and cookers) we are responsible for making sure they are fitted correctly and safely.

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Our house, your home