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Looking after your home

Helena offers a comprehensive repairs service for your home but there are certain things you need to do for yourself.

When you become a Helena customer you also agree to take responsibility for repairing and maintaining certain aspects of your home. These include:   
  • Repairing equipment, fixtures or fittings belonging to you
  • Providing and replacing light bulbs, electric plugs, fuses, fluorescent tubes and starters (except those in communal areas)
  • Replacing light bulbs in electric fires
  • Repairing minor plaster defects that can be made good with a "do it yourself" filler
  • Repairing any damage caused by you, your family or visitors to your home
  • Maintaining boundary and dividing walls, fences and hedging except those provided by Helena Partnerships
  • Repairs due to misuse or damage to fixtures and fittings not caused by normal wear and tear
  • Repairing or replacing washing lines
  • Repairing and maintaining the garden including paths and patios installed by you
  • Providing additional keys, locks, bolts, handles and latches you require including where existing keys are lost or stolen
  • Testing and replacing batteries in non mains-operated smoke alarms
  • Outbuildings, sheds, garages or greenhouses at your home other than those we have provided permanently for you
  • Clearing the bath, sink and toilet waste pipes and gullies from blockages resulting from neglect or carelessness by you, members of your household or visitors
  • Ensuring your own fittings (such as cookers) are installed correctly and meet current safety standards
  • Easing and adjusting internal doors
Please note that if you have work done which causes more damage or if a repair is needed because of your own actions or neglect we will charge you for it.

If you need help with a repair, please contact us for an estimate.