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Moving on

Helena values you as a customer and if you decide it is time to move on we will be very sorry to see you go.

If there is an issue with your home or neighbourhood please contact us to discuss any issues you might have as we may be able to help.

Moving home

If you are sure it’s time to move home, then there are steps you must follow to end your tenancy. Click here to find out what they are.

Mutual exchange

Helena customers have the opportunity to exchange their homes through HomeSwapper.

Every week this service matches thousands of housing association and council house tenants throughout the UK who are looking to move to new areas but don't want to go through the housing transfer process.

When HomeSwapper finds you a match you will be alerted by text or email, allowing you to look at the home you have been matched with. Find out more by contacting Helena or visit

Buying your home

As a Helena customer, you may be eligible to buy your home. While sometimes this may appear to be a good option, please be aware that if you take ownership of your property you will no longer receive a free repairs service or the extra support we offer.

You will also have to pay for vital and routine maintenance, such as a new roof, new boiler, brickwork, external painting and so on.

More information about right to buy and right to acquire can be found at

If you are interested in buying a new affordable home from Helena and would like to find out more visit our Helena Living website.