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Your responsibilities

Helena is investing more than £12 million in homes this year.

To make this happen there are a number of things we expect from you:
  • For you to read the information we send you
  • That you respond to letters, emails, texts and cards as soon as possible
  • That you allow Helena and our contractors access to your home at the agreed times
We aim to contact you up to three months before work on your home is due to begin. In the weeks leading up to work starting, our contractors will supply further information, giving you the chance to ask questions and agree a time that is a best fit for everyone.

If the contractor doesn't receive a response or the appointment isn't met, we will begin a process to gain access to the property. Further actions could involve exclusion from future works and repairs and even legal action and costs against you.

Respecting you and your home

We'll take care to protect your property from dust and paint and ask our contactors to keep noise and disturbance to a minimum.

Our contractors will treat you in a courteous manner and we ask that you do the same. When work is finished, you can expect your home to be left in a safe, secure and clean condition and to be given instructions on how to use new installations such as heating systems.

We will do our best to tell you about work on your home using your preferred method of contact. If you have a specific need, let us know. Where possible we will also use our Facebook page and our website to update you.

For health and safety reasons we are required to share information about you and your home with our contractors. We will make sure your personal information is only used where necessary in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Site signage

We like to advertise the works we do on our properties so you may see signage used on our sites. Please do not attempt to touch or move this.

Section 20 consultation for leaseholders

Before we undertake any improvement works on leaseholder properties, Helena will follow the Section 20 consultation process.

This will involve the following key stages: 
  • Written communication about proposed works
  • An invitation to suggest contractors who may be able to undertake works
  • Indications of timescales
  • Further written communication with updates of selected contractors
  • Costs of works
  • Payback methods/timescales and when works will commence
Leaseholders will be given sufficient time to respond to these stages as set out in the Section 20 guidelines.

What if I am not happy with the work?

At Helena we are always looking to improve what we do, so if for whatever reason you are not happy with the service you receive please contact us.