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Paying your rent

We want to make paying your rent as easy as possible. After all, once it’s paid, it’s one less thing for you to worry about. This page will provide you with all the information you need to pay your rent and service charges and what to do if you have trouble paying. 

Pay Online
You can make payments securely at any time through this website, as well as manage your account and view your rent statements. By opening an online account you can also report and schedule repairs online quickly and easily too. 

To find out more see the 'How to' guides below. To make a payment online click here. Alternatively access all our online services when you open an account.

Pay by Direct Debit
We recommend you pay your rent by Direct Debit. Not only is it convenient, it means you never fall behind in your payments. 

Payments can be taken weekly, fortnightly or monthly from your bank account on a date that suits you. To switch to Direct Debit call us on 01744 637383 and we'll organise everything there and then, over the phone.

Payzone and Post Office
Every Helena customer is given a free Payzone card. Using this card you can make payments using cash or a debit card at any Post Office or shop displaying the Payzone logo.

To find your nearest Payzone shop click here.

If you loose your Payzone card please let us know as soon as possible and we will send a new one out to you.

Pay by phone
You can pay your rent over the phone, by credit or debit card, by calling us on 01744 637383. 

Help with your rent
If you are unable to keep up to date with your payments, get in touch immediately. If your rent account does fall into arrears, we can often agree a way for you to clear the debt by paying a realistic amount over a reasonable period of time. While every effort will be made to avoid you losing your home, if you have persistent arrears and refuse to co-operate, we will be forced to take legal action and this could result in you losing your home.

Welfare reform
Are you aware of the welfare reform changes and how they might affect your housing benefit? For more information see our Welfare and benefits page.


How to make your payments
How to manage your account
How to view your statements