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Your repairs service

When things go wrong at home, we know you want them sorted quickly. That’s why we provide a comprehensive repairs service and aim to resolve any faults as quickly as we can. Please be aware that we will repair faults caused by fair wear and tear but not damage caused by you or visitors to your home.

Before logging any repair please check that it is our responsibility, not yours, by checking Your Repairs Responsibilities.

Responding to repairs

Your repairs request will typically fall into one of the following categories:

Emergency Repairs – These are faults that could seriously damage your health or the property and are dealt with within 4 hours. In an emergency you should call 01744 637383

Non-Emergency Repairs - For all non-emergency jobs we will offer an appointment within 15 working days. The quickest way to report a non-emergency repair is to go online here.

Planned Improvements -If several properties have a similar non-urgent problem, we’ll carry out the repair as part of a planned home improvements programme. Find information on Planned Improvements here 

Find out more about Emergency Repairs, Non-Emergency Repairs and Your Repairs Responsibilities below.