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STORM ARWEN | Please be aware that we are currently experiencing a high volume of calls. Thank you for your patience.  

Keeping you safe

Domestic abuse support

No-one should live in fear of abuse or violence from a spouse, partner or any other member of their household.  Domestic abuse affects the whole family. Don't suffer in silence, talk to someone that can help. 


  • Domestic violence and abuse can be actual or threatened and can happen once every so often or on a regular basis.  
  • It can happen to anyone, in all kinds of relationships.
  • People suffer domestic abuse regardless of their social group, class, age, race, disability, sexuality or lifestyle.
  • The abuse can begin at any time – in new relationships or after many years together.
  • Children are affected by domestic abuse both in the short and long term.

In an emergency, always dial 999 - if you are unable to speak always press '55' when prompted to confirm an emergency.

Your local support service - Safe2Speak

The Domestic Abuse Service in St Helens are delivered by Torus St Helens, offering support to any resident of St Helens who is a victim of domestic abuse, whatever their living situation.

You don’t have to a Helena tenant to get help.  

The service is free, confidential, supportive, informative, non-judgmental and available to anyone experiencing domestic abuse of any kind: sexual, physical, emotional or financial.

Coronavirus & Safe2Speak Services
If you are self-isolating due to coronavirus and feel at risk from a partner or family member in the home, Safe2Speak are still here to help.

Safe2Speak IDVA & Outreach service are contactable on 01744 743200 each day 9am – 5pm.  Their 24 hour helpline remains open and you can call them on 01925 220541.

If it is not safe to call, please click here for information on accessing support online

If you are seeking support call our domestic abuse services on 01744 743200.  Find out more on our Safe2Speak website

If your call to 01744 743200 is unanswered, this may be due to us receiving a high volume of calls. 

Please do not leave a voicemail at this time as this facility cannot be monitored due staff working from home. Instead, please call 01925 220541 to leave a message for the IDVA/Outreach Service: including your name, safe contact number & how we can help.

Text to access support for Domestic Abuse
If you are not able to call the Safe2Speak helpline, for whatever reason – whether you are deaf, or it is just not safe to do so – then you can now text: 07781472828 

You will receive an automated response, which you may wish to delete for your own safety: Your concern has been logged and is being processed

Your text will be picked up Monday to Friday 9-5pm and you will be contacted within 24-48 hours – we can respond by text, phone or email, whatever is the safest for you, so make sure you include the relevant information in your text.  As always in an emergency call 999 and if you are unable to speak, press 55 'WHEN PROMPTED' to confirm an emergency.

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