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Benefits and Money Advice

I need money advice

If you're having trouble making ends meet there's no need to struggle alone.  

Here are just some of the ways our money advice team regularly help customers:

Income maximisation

The team can:

  • Check that you’re not missing out on financial help and are claiming all the benefits available to you
  • Help with new benefit applications
  • Help with grant applications
  • Help with applications for Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP)


Reducing Outgoings

The team will help:

  • Reduce any repayments you’re charged if your benefits have been overpaid
  • Find ways to lower your energy and utility bills


Short Term Support

We can also provide:

  • Food vouchers
  • Help with applications for support with gas and electricity
  • Help to get short term benefit advances


We can refer you to:

  • Our employment service
  • Digital support
  • Debt advice agencies
  • Credit Unions and basic bank accounts


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Benefits and Money Advice

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