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Adapting your home

If you or someone who lives in your home with you has an illness or disability, you may benefit from extra fittings or changes to the design of your home.

If you have difficulty, for example:

  • Getting in and out of your home
  • Using the kitchen or bathroom

Aids and adaptations are changes to your home to help anyone whose disability limits their daily activity.

You can apply for yourself or on behalf of anyone in your household who has a medical condition or physical disability which limits their daily activities by contacting St Helens Council on 01744 676789.

The council’s specially trained Occupational Therapy staff will assess what you need and give you expert advice.  They can also provide you access to a range of specialist equipment to help you with daily life at home and help you apply for the installation of permanent adaptations such as stairlifts, showers, ramps and hoists.

Aged 55 or over?

If you're aged 55 or above our Staying Home Service may be able to help you.  The service aims to help older people to live independently in their own homes and community for longer. They may also be able to help you access aids and adaptations for your home to help improve your safety and wellbeing. 

Find out more about our Staying Home Service here.







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