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Can I make alterations to my home?

We often get requests from people who’d like to make changes to their home and add their own personal touches. In most cases this is usually fine but you’ll need to ask our permission first.

Before you start any work on your property alterations you must:

  • Request consent, in writing
  • Provide details of the changes you’d like to make
  • We’ll respond, in writing, to let you know if the works can or can’t go ahead

Most simple alterations are approved very quickly, these might include:

  • Installing a water meter
  • Installing laminate flooring (except in flats above ground floor)
  • Installing a new kitchen, worktops or kitchen units
  • Installing a new gate
  • Installing an external tap
  • Boarding out loft space
  • Changing internal doors
  • Putting a shower over a bath
  • Fixing a TV satellite dish
  • Fitting a new front door
  • Installing CCTV
  • Adding a garden shed

If the alterations you want to make a structural, we may need to send a building surveyor to inspect your home first. Where the alteration is complex, for example an extension or conservatory, we may charge a fee of £200.

Examples of structural alterations include:

  • Conservatories or extensions
  • Removing internal or external walls
  • Installing an additional bedroom
  • Removing a bedroom
  • Installing patio doors
  • Adding a porch
  • Converting the loft
  • Adding off road parking
  • Replacing a bath with a shower cubicle
  • Adding an electricity supply to an external building
  • Installing new perimeter walls or fencing

Please be sure to ask our permission before you start making any changes to your property and always ensure that you use a qualified contractor for any work you do.



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