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How do I report anti-social behaviour?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Keep your distance – are you social distancing?

We know that many of our customers are already actively following the government’s guidelines around social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak. However, as a responsible landlord, we must reinforce the message and urge all our customers to stay at home and away from others, as per the government’s rules on social distancing.

We have received a significant number of calls from customers informing us that they are seeing people breaking social distancing rules. Whilst we as an organisation have no power to stop people leaving their homes without a valid reason; we will act where there is evidence of customers committing anti-social behaviour or breaking conditions within their tenancy agreement.

What can you do?

New legislation (Coronavirus Act 2020) now means the Police have the power to disperse groups and fine people for ignoring guidance to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The police have been out proactively enforcing these new laws and although you can report your neighbours for breaches to the police on 101 if you feel it is urgent, but they are currently being inundated with calls.

You can also join your local police community Facebook page or group where you can check out what your Community Police are already doing to enforce social distancing.

You can contact the police via their main social media or online pages:


St Helens & Liverpool Police:


Only call 999 if it is an emergency and 101 if it is urgent.

Torus are also speaking to our local Police to see how we can work together to ensure social distancing.

Stay in, stay safe

We are asking all our customers to respect the government measures as they are the single most important actions, we can all take in fighting coronavirus.

Please don’t meet in groups, have a BBQ or allow your children to go out with their friends. Please, stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

While the Coronavirus is still spreading, it’s best to take a “better safe than sorry” approach.

Read the full government guidelines here.

This means:

  • Keep your family home and away from others as much as possible. Don’t have friends and extended family over, and don’t go to their homes. People who look healthy still can be infected and can spread the virus. That’s why it’s important to stay away from everyone, even if they don’t seem sick
  • If you have children, do not let them meet up with their friends. Playgrounds and any other parks with play areas are now closed. You may find yourself being thankful for things like the Xbox and Tik-Tok as it means that your kids will be able to stay in contact with their friends without physically having to meet up.
  • If you must go out, make sure you are at least 6 feet (2 meters) away from other people. Viruses can spread when someone sneezes or coughs out tiny droplets. These droplets don’t usually travel more than 6 feet before falling to the ground.
  • If you’re caring for someone who is sick, take all recommended precautions. It’s important to keep that person away from others.
  • We all need to do our bit to ensure we are staying at home and away from others through social distancing. Remember, we are all in this together.

You Can Still Be Social

The official phrase is “social distancing,” but it can help to think of it as “physical distancing” instead.

We can still be social, just in different ways. Take advantage of social media and video apps to support each other, laugh together, and take care of each other until the virus is under control.

Remember, we’re still here to support you whilst working hard to maintain essential services.

Torus is still ‘open’ however the majority of our colleagues are now working from home.  You can still contact us Monday to Friday 8am-5pm using our main telephone number 0800 678 1894, via the website or email

Please note that we are experiencing an increase in demand for our services and are requesting that you please consider how urgent your request or call is before getting in touch.

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