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Moving out


If you’re certain you want to leave, you must give us four weeks’ notice by letter or email.

We will then:

  • Write or email to let you know the date your tenancy will end
  • Arrange to have your property inspected

If we find damage to your home when we inspect it, you will be charged for any repairs

You must:

  • Pay your rent until the end of your tenancy
  • Empty all your belongings from the home
  • Make sure it’s clean and tidy, including the garden
  • Let us in to inspect the property before you leave
  • Tell your gas and electricity suppliers you’re leaving and give them your meter readings
  • Hand us your keys on the day you move out

Are you sure we can’t persuade you to stay?

If your needs have changed or if you want to move to a different area, we may be able to help.




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