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Helena has a number of dedicated 1 and 2 bedroom bungalows available for customers aged over 55 to choose from.

The Staying Home Team can provide you with a range practical advice and support, but all our homes are also fitted with the OKEachDay service giving you the extra freedom, contact and control to keep living independently in your neighbourhood.

Through this easy to use service, you simply choose the time each day you will press the OKEachDay button on your telephone to tell the team you are ‘OK’.

If for whatever reason, following the automated reminder, you have not pressed the button a member of the team will call to confirm you are ‘OK’.

If we still can’t get hold of you, or have any doubts that you are safe and well, we’ll inform nominated family members or friends to let them know that we’ve not had contact with you, ensuring you won’t have to wait long for help if you’re ever in difficulty.

Apply for a Helena Bungalow through Under One Roof.