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Staying home

Staying Home is a new service which aims to keep older people out of hospital and live independently in their own homes and community for longer.

As part of the project volunteers and staff from Helena Partnerships, St Helens Council and Halton and St Helens VCA (Voluntary and Community Action) visit homes throughout the borough to carry out safety checks, helping to reduce risks of injuries and illness that may lead to a stay in hospital.

Based on the principle that prevention is better than cure, the teams will do everything from adapting homes and removing trip hazards to helping you access social activities and support services.

Through Staying Home we can:

  • Help you take care of your finances and assist with benefit claims
  • Help you look after your home or tenancy
  • Help you feel safe in and around your home
  • Help you to make sure your property is warm and that you are accessing affordable fuel
  • Help you fill out forms and read letters
  • Help you find out about and join local community organisations
  • Help you maintain an active social life
  • Help you access other services
  • Help you manage better around your home
  • Help you with repairs and home improvement work
  • Help you get specialist counselling and advice
  • Help you find peer and emotional support
  • Help you find other accommodation if you need it
  • Help you monitor your health and well-being
  • Help you to link up with 'good neighbour’ volunteers to help with shopping and other errands
  • Help you access our gardening service
  • Help you access aids and adaptations to make it easier for you to use your property

The service builds on the former Going Home Project, an 18-month multi-agency initiative which helped older people coming out of hospital.

If you feel you would benefit from the Staying Home Service please contact a member of the team at on or telephone 01744 418118.



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