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Tenancy sustainment

SUSTAIN, our dedicated Tenancy Sustainment Team are there to advise and guide you every step of the way.

Whether you are a new or existing customer, Helena provides a range of additional support online and out in the community to help you manage your tenancy successfully. 

Understanding all of these areas will not only ensure that we find the best place for you, but also that you are happy in your home.

New customer

When applying for housing with Helena we will provide you with everything you need to know about:
• Deciding whether you can afford a tenancy
• How to budget your money to ensure you can meet your financial obligations, including your rent
• Help you set up a bank account and establish methods of payment
• Setting up your home
• Understanding your responsibilities as a tenant
• Help to ‘Get online’

Existing customer

At Helena we can help you identify areas that you may need additional support with. Whether its money, health or your wider wellbeing we will talk through your circumstances. Initially this is done over the phone, as there may be some support we can provide you with very quickly, or a face to face appointment at Helena Central. If there are a number of areas you need advice with we will also come and talk to you in your home, or a venue of your choice.

Support provided includes:
• Developing a budgeting plan
• Assisting you with any debts, including rent arrears
• Help identifying suitable housing to meet your needs
• Assisting you find employment
• Help claiming benefits
• Assist you to access services from other local organisations

Find out more about Tenancy Sustainment by contacting Helena or apply for a Helena home.