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Press Releases

Catch up with all the latest news from the Torus group
STAR 2021/22: Tenants and Residents Feedback Survey
Between November 2021 and June 2022, we will be contacting 6,000 Torus customers to carry out our STAR (Survey of Tenants and Residents) survey.
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Bonfire & Halloween 2021 – Keeping Communities Safe
Working with partners to promote safer celebrations.
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Improving our online services – updated portal
New upgraded single online portal for all Torus customers.
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Improving services – repairs service update
Torus tenants, no matter where they live, will now, all receive the same repairs service.
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An extraordinary year in the life of Torus – Annual Report 2020/21
We’re delighted to announce the launch of our Annual Report for 2020/21, which is available to read online and in print.
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Torus is supporting Gas Safety Week 2021 – fighting for a gas safe nation
Torus has pledged its support for Gas Safety Week 2021 and will be aiming to raise public awareness of gas safety, highlight the dangers of unsafe or unserviced boilers and gas appliances and encouraging our customers to allow access into their homes for their annual gas safety check.
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